Embedded Software services

HandEra offers embedded software development services with expertise ranging from microcontrollers with only hundreds of bytes of code space to full systems with commercial OSes and several gigabytes of Flash and DRAM. Our experienced programmers are familiar with the latest technologies for embedded, portable, and consumer products. With 20-plus years of experience in code development, we are able to assemble a team to tackle almost any programming project on almost any timeline.

Our software team uses the latest programming and code management tools to produce reliable embedded systems that can survive real-world events such as unexpected power outages, communication delays, and extreme temperature environments.

We have special depth of knowledge in operating systems and power management for portable, low power equipment.  Our engineers have years of experience with these issues on Windows CE 4 through 6, Windows Embedded Compact 7, Linux, and Android.  System architectures include ARM processors from Freescale, Texas Instruments, Atmel and x86 architecture from Intel.  

Embedded Software Services:

  • Linux, Android, WinCE OSes
  • Hard real-time requirements
  • DSP coding
  • Wireless drivers
  • USB drivers
  • SDIO drivers
  • Boot loaders
  • Embedded applications
  • Complex software / hardware debugging challenges
  • Production test strategy development

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