Engagement Model

HandEra’s Origianl Design Manufacturer (ODM) business model is used to provide a complete product development, manufacturing and support solution for qualified products and customers. The ODM model ensures that there is a convenient, single point of contact from design through delivery and support of the product.

The ODM engagement has the following steps:

Initial Customer Contact:

Much like the product development process, an ODM project begins with discussion about the potential project and collection of information about scope, timeline and potential specification requirements.


HandEra delivers a proposal containing estimated development timeline, required resources, cost and business terms and conditions for customer review.


Several iterations of the proposal may be necessary, but after all issues are resolved, the customer may choose to accept the proposal and move forward with the project.

Product Development Process:

The design phase of an ODM project is conducted using HandEra’s product development process described elsewhere. Product development results in a high quality product that meets the customer’s requirements and that can be manufactured efficiently.

Mass Production:

Throughout the lifetime of the product, mass production proceeds with fulfillment of periodic customer orders. Depending upon the business terms and conditions, products may be delivered on a fixed monthly schedule or other release schedule.

Product Support:

HandEra handles product support issues like RMAs, repairs, and part obsolescence issues throughout the life of the product.

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