Example Products

Most of our ODM products are covered by confidentiality agreements 
that do not allow us to discuss details publicly, however, what follows concerns a device that HandEra developed and markets under its own brand based on our customer’s requirements. The product is called the SD50 vehicle dock and it allows a rugged handheld computer to be powered from a truck. The SD50 also provides adjustable, amplified sound output and communcations via USB and RS-232 ports.
er by using a custom WinCE driver on the handheld along with a microprocessor located in the dock. The SD50 also provides protection from severe electrical transients that can occur on vehicle power connections. Other environmental requirements include immunity to high vibration, extreme temperatures, and UV radiation.

The product utilizes a unique approach to producing audio output by using a non-standard datastream over the handheld computer’s USB port. Data is decoded and re-produced on the front-facing loud speak
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