Project Management Timeline

Each project is unique, but typical product development projects take between 6 and 18 months to complete. The large variation in timeline comes from differences in the complexity of the product, compliance issues, field testing timelines, and whether the product’s feature set is well defined.

A hypothetical product development project for a hand held computer might look like this:

Initial Customer Contact:

Days 0 – 5 (Refer to this time as T0)


Day 15 (T0 + 15 days)

Initial Investigation:

Month 3 (T0 + 3 months)

Engineering Verification Test (EVT):

Month 6 (T0 + 6 months)

Design Verification Testing (DVT):

Month 9 (T0 + 9 months)

Production Verification Test (PVT):

Month 12 (T0 + 12 months)

Mass Production Start:

Month 15 (T0 + 15 months)

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