SD50 Product Overview


  • Securely holds CN50 in place even in high vibration vehicles
  • Provides protected charging power to CN50
  • Eject button to release CN50 with single handed operation
  • Two USB ports
  • Two persistent serial ports
  • Standard three pin power connector
  • Standard 2.5” diameter RAM mount
  • Outputs 5V, 0.5 A to USB or RS-232 peripherals (1 A total draw)

SD50 Specific Features

  • High quality digital audio
  • Large volume adjustment wheel
  • Built in speaker with 89 dB output
  • Radio interface connector
  • MUTE output mutes in-dash radio only when CN50 creates sound

Product Overview

The SD50 series of vehicle docks provide simple and robust vehicle docking solutions for Intermec’s CN50 handheld computers. Customers can choose the SD50 full-featured system that provides charging, connectivity and audio features, or the lower cost SD50ns that provides charging and connectivity only.

Both models provide protected charging power to the CN50 computer and to attached peripherals. Communication with in-vehicle equipment can be accomplished using standard dual USB ports or persistent dual RS-232 ports. Both types of ports also provide power to operate attached equipment.

The SD50 adds audio features for use in turn-by-turn direction and other popular in-vehicle applications. Digital audio is produced by the CN50 and routed to a built-in amplified speaker inside the SD50. A convenient volume adjustment wheel allows the user to easily and quickly adjust the speaker’s output volume. An auxiliary radio connector from the SD50 enables interfacing to in-dash stereos as well.
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